Why Lupita Nyong's personal life is not in discussion


Lupita Nyong & # 39; o He wants to keep his private life exactly that, private.

The 36-year-old actress explained why she doesn't talk about her personal life during an interview with British Vogue published on monday.

"Privacy is a difficult product to get," Nyong & # 39; or the magazine for its February issue.

The celebrity was catapulted to a new level of fame after winning the Best Actress in a supporting role for her performance in 12 years of slavery. Since then, she continued to appear in other important films, including U.S, Black Panther and the most recent Star Wars saga. It is also ready to star and produce an adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie& # 39; s Americanah.

While his agenda may seem crowded, Nyong & # 39; or has been given "permission to take things easy,quot; and work on projects that really leave an impression.

"I don't get satisfaction from the amount of zeros attached to a project," he told the publication. "What seduces me is the potential to change a narrative. That is very seductive for me, since it has a social and cultural impact."

Still, even a life in the spotlight can feel a little lonely sometimes.

Steven Meisel for British Vogue

"Filming takes a long and intense time," he said. "With Black Panther, many of us were single. In Little monsters, nobody was single. Everyone, when they finish their daily work, want to return home with their families, which makes perfect sense. When you don't have that, it's very insulating. "

To read your full interview, see the new issue of British Vogue—In the kiosks on January 3.

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