Trump: Iran "fully responsible,quot; for tensions around the US embassy | Trump News


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, says he considers Tehran "fully responsible,quot; for the protesters who raided the US embassy complex in Baghdad days after the United States attacked an Iran-backed group in Iraq and Syria.

"Iran killed an American contractor, injuring many. We respond vigorously, and we will always do so. Now Iran is organizing an attack against the US embassy in Iraq. They will be fully responsible," he said. wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

"In addition, we hope that Iraq will use its forces to protect the Embassy, ​​and so we notify it!"


On Sunday, the United States launched air strikes against sites in Iraq and Syria belonging to Kataib Hezbollah, a militia backed by Iran, which Washington said was in retaliation for the murder of an American contractor at an Iraqi military base.

At least 25 Kataib Hezbollah fighters died in the attack.

Protesters stormed the US embassy complex on Tuesday morning, after breaking a main door and setting fire to a reception area, causing tear gas and shooting sounds.

Screaming "Down, down, United States!" The crowd threw bottles of water and broke security cameras off the embassy grounds.

Protesters raised flags of the powerful paramilitary group Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular mobilization forces), with which Kataib Hezbollah is associated.

The US ambassador to Iraq and other staff members were evacuated from the embassy.

Recession in Iraq-United States relations

The events represent a major recession in relations between Iraq and the United States that could further undermine US influence in the region and weaken Washington's hand in its campaign of pressure against Iran.

Iraq has long struggled to balance its ties with the United States and Iran, both allies of the Iraqi government.

But the government’s furious reaction to US airstrikes signaled a deterioration in relations between the United States and Iraq.

Iraqi security forces made no effort to stop the protesters while marching to the heavily fortified Green Zone after a funeral held for those killed in US airstrikes, allowing them to pass through a security checkpoint that leads to area.

Seven armored vehicles with about 30 Iraqi soldiers arrived near the embassy hours after the violence broke out, deploying near the embassy walls but not near the violated area. Later, four vehicles carrying riot police approached the embassy, ​​but protesters blocked their passage.

There were no immediate comments from the US Pentagon. UU. Or from the US Department of State. UU. About the violation of the US embassy UU. In Baghdad

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