Toya Johnson shares one of her favorite photos with Baby Reign running and fans praise the girl's intelligence


Toya Wright ends 2019 with a melancholy note, and shared a beautiful photo he has with his daughter, Reign Rushing. Check out the photo below:

"I can't believe my baby is 2 years old soon." This is still one of my favorite photos .❤️ @reign_beaux, "Toya captioned her photo.

Someone said: "It seems that he is negotiating additional snacks lol," and another follower posted this: "Yes! February 8! We shared a birthday!"

An Instagram installer posted: "You have pretty feet, mom, yes, the baby is beautiful."

Another fan wrote: "TWO THERE IS NO WAY that you have it as 6 months ago."

Someone else talked about Reigny's intelligence and wrote: "I'm not sure why I thought I already had 2 levels of the baby's intelligence level,quot; ️ "

One commenter said: ‘Omg. Cute. I just had my first grandson and I am madly in love with her. Your dress is everything. God bless her @toyajohnson. "

Someone else posted this: ‘Baby Reign only 1 speaking very well, knows its colors, numbers, name and knows how to say,quot; Sike ". Baby, I pray that my baby is so advanced. "

A follower said: "@toyajohnson damn it, your mini-me looks tall like you."

An Instagram installer said: "It seems that he is really telling you something …" and you know they had no baby food there, they are going to try mashing me potatoes. "

A fan told Toya: "I don't know what you're doing, but it makes you look younger, happier and more beautiful!" Congratulations on that! "


Toya shared a more elaborate photo shoot with Reigny recently, and fans were amazed.

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