The mother of Nene Leakes' son allegedly contacted Bravo to go up to RHOA to expose the mother and son


Symone Davis has called Bryan Bryant and her mother star of Real Housewives of Atlanta on multiple occasions for refusing to recognize her son. The interior designer wants to appear in the program to expose the two.

Recently, Nene Leakes bought a house for his son's thirtieth birthday. The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house put a big smile on Bryson's face, who supposedly cleaned his life, but sent Davis to rant on Instagram.

She told followers that RHOA's personality only bought the house because it is good for her image but that her son is still not good.

A new Radar Online report revealed that Symone wants to be on the reality show.

‘She wants to be in the program. She has tried to contact Bravo again and again. NeNe will not answer. Symone tells the truth, but the way he does it is crazy. "

This happened a few months ago when he told his followers that the 30-year-old did not show up for his son's birthday party. He added that people contact her regularly to tell her they've seen him get high.

Before that, Symone criticized Leakes for threatening to take a restraining order and send him an unpleasant email.

Glee's student's message allegedly said: ‘If I were Symone, I would run like h ***. I suggest that if Symone is pregnant, think a lot about this because Bryson is definitely not what he wants if he says he wants a career and a future. My next step is to have a restraining order on Symone … and any other person I feel comes into my house, takes photos and posts them on social networks.

The threat continued: NO Never approach my administrator (r) and use my name again! For your information, NO, he will NEVER represent you! Who the hell are you?


Do you think Bravo will bring Symone to the show?

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