Tana Mongeau is sincere about her controversial marriage of Jake Paul in a new video: "Things keep hurting me,quot;


Just as he also emphasized, this could have been the most honest video of Tana Mongeau! The influencer took his platform of choice, YouTube, to upload a long and sincere clip in which he tackled multiple things on camera!

Among many things, Tana also admitted that after she and fellow content creator Jake Paul got married, everything changed in the worst way!

The 21 years were very excited to talk about their marriage and confessed that their life together is definitely not what they are trying to make it look like on the platform.

‘I am very unhappy with the way my relationship looks in public view, and I've done so much pretending that I don't care when I do it. I did so much of being the "cool girl,quot; and not worrying, and I think I put so much of me in Jake that I got lost. "

However, while the title that reads ‘the truth about everything. (our wedding, jake, alissa, erika, mtv, mental health, drugs, etc.) & # 39; could have made people think that I was finally revealing it and that Jake's wedding was fake, Tana insisted that this Belief was something that really affected her.

On fans and enemies who said that Tana and Jake were faking their relationship, she said: "They thought it was from influence and fame and that made me much worse mentally."

He then talked about the Las Vegas engagement and wedding, saying that everything was like a "fairy tale."

But, according to the YouTuber, after marrying Jake, things changed for the worse

"I felt like I was opening my phone every day to something that broke me even more," Tana said, referring to rumors that Jake was cheating on her.


To discover everything he had to say, be sure to watch Tana's video!

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