Tamar Braxton enters the New Year with a sensual pink swimsuit in the last video while BF David Adefeso prepares to shake his world


Winning, that's what Tamar Braxton plans to do by 2020, and she made that announcement in a stunning pink bikini while on vacation with her boyfriend, David Adefeso.

In a magnificent clip published on social networks, you can see the star and reality show singer slowly going down the stairs of his hotel and taking off the beach wrap to flaunt his toned body.

The video was filmed by David, who recently explained why he decided to move it away for seven days and pass a romantic gateway to the New Year.

The businessman revealed: “Going to this fantastic tropical resort for the new year. My @tamarbraxton is already having withdrawal symptoms from the baby … 7 days from Beans😫😫🤣🤣! How are we going to survive this “South Mecca for adults only” with the bright blue tropical ocean, surfing at dawn, kayaking at noon and resting by the private pool under the sunset? Hmph … ..🤔 "

More recently, David praised his entire family for accepting Tamar as one of his own.

He said the following: "But what if my family had not accepted it? As with many African-American families, many African parents and families tend to get too involved in their children's relationships and married life, often in detrimental to the relationship of the young couple (heck, I have seen some of my friends' mothers) moving to the couple's house just after getting married, which often makes life impossible for the daughter-in-law. that I would never make Tamar go through the misery that I have seen other couples go through with the family of man. So I informed my family from the beginning that they had no choice! Or they love Tamar as they love me and accept her as I accept her … or they risk losing me completely, I don't need to worry! My mother treats Tamar like her fourth daughter (I have three sisters) and Beans like her thirteenth grandson, my sisters appreciate her as they do and my brothers adore my @tamarbraxton almost ta Like me. Welcome to the Adefeso family, Tamar! I am so grateful and thank you that God brought you and Beans to my life. A word for all the young and strong brothas that are in relation to our beautiful black Sistas: please defend your child! Once you choose her, she becomes your number 1 in life. "


Fans expect David to ask the question at any time.

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