Simu Liu shouts at Sharon Stone for a date on social networks


Simu Liu, the 30-year-old MCU alumnus, recently yelled at the legendary actress, Sharon Stone, on her social networks affirms a new report by Just Jared. Reportedly, Sharon Stone complained about his Bumble ban earlier this week, the dating app where women are encouraged to send messages first.

The 61-year-old woman wrote on her Twitter that people had complained about her account, thinking there was no way the account was real. "Don't exclude me from the hive!" The actress demanded. In response to his message, Simu said he didn't have a Bumble account, but he had to ask: "What will you do in six months?"

At the moment, it is not known why Simu has to wait half a year to talk to Stone, but he might be busy working on a new Marvel movie. After publicly declaring his interest in the actress, his fans praised him for being so bold.

Earlier this year, Sharon Stone was in the headlines for a more serious reason, a lawsuit with rapper, Chanel West Coast. First reported by Page Six, the media claims that Sharon's legal team went after the Ridiculousness star for using his name and brand in a song called "Sharon Stoned."

Sharon legal representatives presented official court documents in a federal court in Los Angeles earlier this year, hoping to stop the release and dissemination of the song and its video.

According to court documents, Sharon's team was concerned that Chanel West Coast would use the actress's name repetitively and free of charge, not only in her title but also in the lyrics. Sharon's lawyer added that Chanel used his name, in total, more than a hundred times.

In addition, Chanel allegedly used Sharon's identity and personality in the music video, including his image, identity, etc. Among the other transgressions is the financial exploitation of the actress's Chanel through the sale of marijuana products and other merchandise using the Sharon brand.


Perhaps the most famous role in Sharon's movie, Basic instinctHe presented the culturally iconic scene in which Sharon crosses his legs to reveal his genitals, a scene referred to in the video. Sharon and her team argued that she pursued total control of her identity in the public and will continue to fight for it.

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