RHOD Reunion Spoiler: Stephanie Hollman confronts Kameran Westcott for treating her "like a dog,quot;


Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott have always had a difficult relationship. In the next season four Real Housewives of Dallas meeting, the two have a confrontation that has taken a long time to arrive.

Kameron is online to be the matriarch of the Westcott family and takes her reputation very seriously. This is where Westcott and his co-stars Brandi Redmond and Stephanie meet.

Kameron has had a habit of judging and calling his co-stars in the trash. Hollmann even confided to her mother and her therapist that Kameron did not make her feel good enough, which leads her to a dark place.

In an episode that airs on January 1, the two go face to face.

While the Highland Park native cries for Stephanie calling her a "bad girl,quot; and an "elitist."

Stephanie doesn't flinch at Westcott's tears when he replies: ‘Do you feel like you treated me kindly? Do you feel that you listened to me and respected me? If you are my friend, you would listen to me and treat me like a human being and not like a dog. "

This comes after the two have talked about each other in recent interviews.

Travis Hollman's wife explained that she and Kameron are not friends.

‘We don't talk at all. I would like to have a healthy friendship with her, but if she isn't going to be healthy, I don't want a friendship. I feel that the way he treats me is honestly, like a bully. She speaks to me badly. She won't let me finish the sentences. She doesn't respect me. She goes to social networks and tries to call me a liar. Honestly, I feel that those are actions of someone who is trying to manipulate control. And for me, that's what a stalker does. I just don't agree with that. And I don't do those things to her, "the RHOD star told US Weekly.


Do you think these two will be more than surface friends?

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