Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley hope to be happy together in the new year after a terrible 2019


Last year was quite hot and cold when it comes to the relationship of Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley, but now that the decade is about to end, it is rumored that they are better than ever and that they expect things to stay the same in the new year.

In fact, NYE was also supposed to be their wedding date, but in June, they had some problems that led to their brief breakup.

Regardless of the fact that they ended up being together again, it seems their nuptials will not take place tonight yet.

As you will remember, at that time, Dennis admitted to having cheated the royal housewives of Atlanta, which led to their separation that lasted a few months.

Finally, they met and have been working hard to solve their problems.

Privileged information tells HollywoodLife that & # 39; Porsha and Dennis are in an incredible place now and expect to start this new chapter in 2020. They've had a fair amount of obstacles this year, but they're more determined than ever to make their relationship work. The love they share for each other never left. "

Naturally, they never stopped loving their baby, PJ no matter what happened between them.

The source emphasized that ‘PJ is the most important thing for them and Porsha feels it is important for her to grow up with her two parents. The wedding will happen, but they haven't decided on a date yet. They decided to delay the date of New Year's Eve, as they wanted to focus on simply building their relationship again. They still have work to do, but it's getting there. They really love each other and are happier than ever at this time. "


This comes after an incredibly well spent Christmas, so Porsha is confident that Dennis will continue to work hard to show him that they can be a loving and faithful couple and not just Pilar's parents.

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