New technology: Are we changing our privacy for convenience? The | Privacy and surveillance


It is the old debate that accompanies all the new advances in technology: we love adopting the latest technology and we don't think too much about the consequences for our security and privacy.

Facial recognition is excellent for unlocking a phone, but it is also used by security agencies to get us out of the crowd.

The Internet still has the promise of making our lives easier and making knowledge more accessible. But it comes with the price of selling us to "surveillance capitalism."

The world's largest companies thrive in tracking our behavior: what we are looking for, where we buy our things and where we are going. They group and sell that information to other companies.

And the more our lives are digitized, the greater the risk of piracy and blackmail.

In this episode, Steve Clemons presents a panel of technologists and scientists to discuss technology and how dystopian our future is becoming.

– Ina Fried – Axios chief technology correspondent

– Professor Hold Thorp – editor, Science magazine

– Larry Irving – member of the Internet Hall of Fame

Source: Al Jazeera News