Manny MUA addresses the rumors he has been "hooking,quot; with James Charles!


YouTuber and makeup artist made things very clear: there is nothing romantic between him and his influential partner, James Charles! Manny MUA turned to his YouTube channel to address the rumors, telling his subscribers that he and James have a platonic relationship and that's it!

That's right, they are just friends! At least this is what Manny stated in his last video on his platform of choice.

His statement comes amid speculation that they have been "connecting."

While doing what he did best, his makeup, the man explained: "I don't know what caused the idea that James and I are more than friends. I can assure you that James and I are not screwed, we are not dating, we are not together , we are not any article in any way or form. We are friends. We have not connected. We are simply not the type of another. "

Anyway, there is nothing but love between the two beauty YouTubers and that is really impressive given the amount of drama they used to have.

For years, they weren't even close to being friends since James protected Manny online before.

But eventually, James apologized to Manny and since then, they have made peace.

‘He apologized and said:‘ I'm so sorry. As if that was not what I think of you and I was a silly child, who was in a not excellent place, "and I forgave him. I am happy that we have reached the point where we are now in our relationship, and that is not includes af ** king, "continued Manny.


In fact, he also noticed that he had never engaged with any influential companion.

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