Lizzo and Olivia Wilde react to Barack Obama's favorite list for 2019


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At the end of each year, Barack Obama Share your favorite lists on social networks.

From his favorite songs and movies to his favorite books and television shows, the former president always takes time at the end of the year to let his followers know which parts of pop culture he has enjoyed most this year. And the lucky people and the titles in their long list of their favorite things are sharing the best reactions to honor.

Let's start with the music. Like Obama tweeted on December 30, "From hip-hop to country to The Boss, here are my songs of the year. If you are looking for something that will keep you company on a long trip or that will help you train, I hope there is a hint or two here that do the trick. "

On the list was LizzoBop of a song "Juice,quot;, which was also on the president's list of favorite summer jams.

Since she had an enormously successful year that made her cry with joy many times, Lizzo cried again in response to the presidential honor.

As he spoke, "I love you so much Mr. Obama … thanks for helping me with my morning crying."

I also cried Olivia Wilde, whose directorial debut Smart reserve He came to the list of Obama's favorite movies.

Like Obama tweeted, "The following are my favorite movies and TV shows of 2019. Of course, there is also American Factory, a movie from our own production company, Higher Ground, which was recently shortlisted for an Oscar. Here's the full list."

Share a star GIF Beanie Feldstein going crazy in a scene of Smart reserveWilde tweeted: "OH MY GOD."

Feldstein (who is nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the movie) couldn't believe Obama's love either. Tweeting a GIF similar to Wilde, the star tweeted, "SANTA MOLÍA,quot;.

As for your favorite TV shows, Phoebe Waller BridgeEmmy-winning second season Flea bag He made the list, which is very funny, considering that the pilot episode features the character of Waller-Bridge masturbating with an inspirational speech by Obama.

The program's Twitter account thanked the president for tweeting a Flea bag GIF and saying: "The feeling is mutual. #Fleabag,quot;.

HBO & # 39; s Watchmen He also made the cut. Sharing a GIF of Obama crying, the star of the show, Oscar winner Regina King, Tweeted in reply, "How do you feel when your program is on the & # 39; favorite list & # 39; of your favorite President,quot;.

Going back to the music list, rapper Wale He had a simple and grateful reaction to his song "On Chill,quot; that was on the president's favorite song list.

"Thank you boy," the musician tweeted With the 100 red emoji.

Suffice it to say that these stars are having a great ending for 2019.

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