Lionel Messi stuns viewers in Argentina when training at the local gym


Lionel Messi surprised locals in his native Argentina after training in a public gym while looking to stay fit during the holiday season.

Currently on a break with Barcelona's next game until January 4 against Espanyol, Messi was seen working at home on New Year's Eve.

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Instead of using his own private gym, the 32-year-old chose to train alongside his countrymen and quickly caused a stir.

"He entered as one more, I couldn't believe it," gym worker Valentina Jure told Rosario Nuestro. "He used the machines like anyone else, he was smiling with everyone.

"I can't believe it, my phone literally exploded. Journalists and people from all over the world wrote to me."

Interestingly, while Messi kept fit on one of the treadmills, his own highlights of Barcelona were playing right in front of him.

Although he undoubtedly spurred the six-time Golden Ball winner while training, Valentina emphasized that Messi did not deliberately seek his own outstanding reel.

"I want to say that the channel with its objectives was already established when it arrived," he said.

"I like to clarify it because people have written to me saying that it is self-centered, but it was none of that: it was super humble with everyone while we were there."

After being held for injuries at the beginning of the season, Messi quickly regained lost time and went to the Christmas break with 13 goals in the League with only 13 appearances.

Those goals have helped Barcelona to the top of the highest category in Spain, with its Real Madrid rivals behind Ernesto Valverde by two points after 18 league games.

While Messi is clearly doing everything possible to keep fit during the holidays, Carlos Tevez has previously questioned the Argentine training regime, particularly compared to Cristiano Ronaldo's.

"Lionel Messi, I never saw him in the gym. I never saw him train to stop the ball or those exercises," Tevez said in 2018. "It's natural for him, but on the penalties he trained, he did it first. Don't take them and now the shoot everyone in the corner.

"Cristiano always stopped at the gym after training, for him it is an obsession and, being the best in everything, he always came to work early."