Kylie Jenner and BFF are twinning even when they're crazy about each other & # 39;


Kylie Jenner and her best friend Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou Fans saw the double on Monday after they posted photos of themselves using matching minidresses on Instagram.

22 year old keeping up with the Kardashians star put on a black and red outfit while his friend wore a beige and black number. They even coordinated their wallets and collected their hair in similar hairstyles.

"We are angry with each other, but this picture looks good with my food," captioned the photo Kylie.

But don't take the legend of Kylie too seriously. Stassie showed that best friends have nothing but mutual love by laughing at the words of Kylie Cosmetics' head.

"I love you," he wrote in his own publication.

This was not the first time the two were twinning. Just a few days ago, the dynamic duo posted photos of themselves with matching orange and blue coats. They also wore identical Santa's overalls with some more friends, including Sofia Richie.

"I still had a couple more twin photos before the years went by," Stassie said captioning one of the photos.

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