Kim Kardashian closes false reports that she gave him the bloody North West JFK murder shirt for Christmas


Kim Kardashian is officially fed up with false reports about her family and is not backing down. Being the center of rampant rumors and incorrect media reports is nothing new for the Kardashian / Jenner family, and most of the time they clarify them in their family reality show, but Kim is different and generally does not hesitate to close down. social networks. That's exactly what he did with the latest rumor about his daughter North West.

As many of us still enjoy the gifts we receive for Christmas, we probably do not receive such iconic gifts as North West, which he received from his parents Michael Jackson's bespoke jacket and the hat he wore in his "Smooth Criminal,quot; video. , Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Some people criticized the extravagant gifts, which is probably the way the recent extravagant rumor surrounding the Western family began.

A fake Instagram page posted in their IG stories that, in addition to Michael Jackson's gifts, Kim and Kanye also gave North the bloody shirt that former President John F. Kennedy wore the day he was killed. Although there are no facts that support false claims, Refinery 29 published an article about Kim giving North such a disturbing gift … and that's when Kim allowed them to have it on social media.

Taking his Twitter page, he closed the rumor to the end, writing this:

“WOW this is obviously false! @ Refinery29 I didn't get JFK's shirt. That's a sick joke that someone tweeted as a fake ig story that I never published. "

Obviously, realizing that they made a huge and vague mistake in publishing the IG story without verifying the facts, Refinery 29 quickly updated the article and added a note from the editor that it removed the part of the article that contained the false report.

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