JWoww celebrates his son's main poop in the bathroom landmark



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Monday night, the Jersey Shore: family vacation Star revealed that she and her children were celebrating a special milestone for their 3-year-old son, Greyson Valor Mathews.

In November 2018, the mother reality star of two children publicly shared that her son had been diagnosed with autism. Now, just over a year later, Greyson and his family have another reason to cheer.

"Epic day for @greysonmathews," his mother wrote on Instagram. "We celebrated all his milestones, but especially this one … he was alone and was very excited to show me. Deff saving this video for his future girlfriend #HappyFirstPoopyOnThePotty #Browniecake."

In the video, fans can listen to JWoww and his 5-year-old daughter. Meilani singing "Happy first poop on the day of going to the bathroom,quot; to the young man while his famous mother carried a brownie cake with burning candles.

Greyson blew out the candles happily, followed by a sweet hug from his older sister.

The touching clip generated many support comments and questions from other parents online.

"Awww and her sister says & # 39; do you need help? There you have & # 39 ;. My heart melts! Very good Greyson !!" a spectator wrote.

Now, with the new year just a few hours away, the proud mother looks forward to the new decade with new goals, the first of which is related to her son.

"At the top of my list continues to contribute to @kulturecity, which has done so much for me and my @greysonmathews," he wrote on Instagram, referring to the organization that works to promote accessibility and promote acceptance and inclusion of people living with disabilities

Congratulations Greyson!

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