Justin Bieber is getting a documentary series: watch the unprocessed trailer


Courtesy of YouTube Originals.

You are ready to lower the curtain.

Justin Bieber It has had a whirlwind the last decade. She started as a child from Canada with a great voice and a love for music, and became a world superstar. Of course, his trip to the top did not come without a good amount of ups and downs, but he came out unharmed and with a couple of successful songs and a new marriage to show off.

Now, the 25-year-old pop sensation is ready to let the world into what it is like to live your life in the spotlight and how your journey continues. Justin Bieber: Seasons will premiere on YouTube Originals on Monday, January 27 at 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PST, with new episodes that are released every Monday and Wednesday at noon ET.

"When I started, YouTube provided me with a platform and a community where I could share music, experiences and moments with my fans," Justin said in a press release. "It feels great to partner with YouTube for this original documentary series. I want my fans to be part of this trip."

Fans will remember that Justin first started on the platform when he was just a child trying to sing for his friends and family, so this is a full circle moment for the star. This new series will be an original documentary series of 10 episodes after the realization of their first album in four years.

The singer has made it clear that 2020 is unofficially the year of Bieber, so it seems appropriate to take a look at his fans in exactly what that implies. Beyond his career, this series will also analyze some personal moments of his wedding with his wife. Hailey Bieber.

"The show is a raw, powerful and intimate look at Bieber's process of creating new music and the motivation for this new album told through the lens of his closest confidants, friends, collaborators and Bieber himself," reads the press release of the series.
"The series will also present a behind-the-scenes look at Bieber's private life, which includes images never before seen of his wedding with Hailey Bieber and his day-to-day life alongside those in his inner circle."

Justin is no stranger to YouTube and is currently the most subscribed artist on the platform. He will be one of the executive producers of the project, and so will his longtime collaborator. Scooter braun. "Maybe watching these people can take a look at their world," Hailey revealed.

It took him four years, but he finally came back and is ready to share his gifts with the world. "When you do what you are good at," Justin explained. "You just feel that you are supposed to be."

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