Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Taylor Swift never goes out of style


Anything can happen when E! goes live!

About 15 minutes before the 2014 Golden Globes began, there was a moment on the red carpet that pop culture fans will never forget.

When Taylor Swift was casually being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest in Live from the red carpet, a famous superfan appeared who was not exactly ready to calm down.

Ladies and gentlemen, who else remembers the moment? Jennifer Lawrence Photobombed T. Swift?

"Oh my God, I got scared by the CMA," Jennifer told the singer when they met at E! platform. "I sent him a text message six inches long."

"I was reading it, this is the most sincere text I've received," Taylor recalled.

And while Jennifer was impressed with Taylor's music, the "Shake It Off,quot; singer was equally surprised by the actress's work on American hustle. "I was so eager to send a new text message," he explained before hugging another hug.

While it is too early to say if Jennifer will attend this year's party organized by Ricky Gervais, Taylor's song of Cats titled "Beautiful Ghosts,quot; is nominated for Best Original Song – Movie.

So who will go crazy with T. Swift this award season? Obviously we can't wait to find out.

But in the meantime, Taylor is simply grateful for all the compliments she has received for the special song she wrote alongside Andrew Lloyd Webber.

And although it may be only weeks to get a very special trophy, there are three furry friends who are not impressed with the achievements of their owner. Oh yes, we are talking about Taylor's cats.

"They don't care about anything I do," the Grammy winner told E! News & # 39; Zanna Roberts Rassi. "It's amazing."

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