Friends leaves Netflix tonight, how can fans see the beloved sitcom in 2020?


For all the friends For fans who have a binge planned in the near future, they should be ready to hand out some money if they want access to the ten seasons of the beloved nineties comedy. friends It will be officially withdrawn from Netflix right after the ball lands in Times Square, and fans won't be able to find comedy on any other broadcasting platform until May.

friends It has been a basic element of Netflix since 2015, as it has been one of the most watched programs on the platform. But, earlier this year, WarnerMedia announced that they had bought the rights to the 236 episodes of the classic NBC sitcom, and will be part of their new broadcast platform, HBO Max, which will be released in May.

That means that during the next four months, anyone who wants to watch an episode of friends Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer will have to rent or buy individual episodes or seasons in digital stores such as YouTube, Amazon and iTunes. However, it can be expensive really fast.

Individual episodes on YouTube and Amazon cost $ 1.99, or fans have the option of buying a full season for $ 19.99. Of course, the program has ten seasons, which means it would cost $ 200 for anyone who wanted to go through the entire series. The entire collection is a bit more affordable on iTunes, reaching $ 140.

The most affordable option for fans who wish to access the entire series before May is a complete set of Amazon DVD boxes that is available for $ 74.19 plus shipping.

According to Persons The president of the magazine, TBS and TNT, Kevin Reilly, told reporters at the Television Critics Association earlier this year that, although fans are not excited about friends When moving from Netflix to HBO Max, it was inevitable for WarnerMedia to create a plan to have all its renowned properties on its own streaming platform.

“I think you can expect Warner's crown jewels to end in our new service. Moving it away (from Netflix)? It is certainly something we are willing to do, "Reilly said." I think, for the most part, sharing destination assets like that is not a good model to share, I think they should be exclusive. "


HBO Max arrives in May 2020, and the platform will be available to subscribers for $ 14.99 per month.

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