Doug Marrone will return to Jacksonville in 2020 to delight Twitter (and opponents of the Jaguars)


Doug Marrone is probably the most amazing coach decision made this offseason. What is added is that it will not go anywhere.

The Jags had a tumultuous 2019. Only a few weeks after the removal of Tom Coughlin, some doubts arose about Marrone's future in Jacksonville. After a 6-10 season that saw Nick Foles injured, bad and then on the bench, the exchange of Jalen Ramsey and football generally uninspiring, the stage was ready for Marrone's departure. But owner Shad Khan announced Tuesday that Marrone would return as head coach of Jacksonville in 2020, and that was a good comedy.

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In total, Marrone is 22-28 with the Jaguars (1-1 record as interim coach in 2016), with 6-10 and 5-11 seasons after arriving at the AFC championship game in 2017. GM Dave also returns Caldwell, and both will report directly to Khan in 2020.

Well, the news could be excellent for Marrone and for fans of Jacksonville's opponents.

Twitter took the development of Marrone's return and added some of his characteristic sarcastic and hilarious analysis.