Destiny children's singer Michelle Williams congratulates actress Michelle Williams for her engagement and pregnancy news and clarifies things with her fans


When the news came out that Emmy-winning actress Michelle Williams was not only committed to Hamilton Director Thomas Kail, but the couple waited for their first child together, fans immediately began sending congratulatory messages on social networks. Unfortunately, some were a bit confused about why Michelle Williams should be happy.

the Dawson's torrent Alumbre shares her name with Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams and had to post a message for fans after she began receiving messages about a commitment and a pregnancy.

"Some comments are cheating (sic) and, of course, I had to search Google to see what was happening!", Wrote the singer in her Instagram story. "Congratulations are certainly in order, but for #dawsonscreek #fosseverdon #brokebackmountain #greatestshowman #manchesterbythesea‘ Michelle ’Ok, bye."

The singer and actress are often confused with each other, most recently when the actress won an Emmy for her acting in the FX drama. Fosse / Verdon. The four-time Oscar nominee delivered a passionate speech about equal pay for women when she accepted the award, but people got confused on social networks and sent messages of support and criticism to the singer.

The singer called people with a message on Instagram Live, asking people why they are tagging and congratulating her, and wondering if they realize she is black.

"How is it that when they are tagging and congratulating a person, they see that I am black? When you go to my profile, you are looking for,quot; Michelle Williams ", I am black. Okay? I am not mixed with anything, I am not mixed with Persian, Russian, I'm black, "he said.

The singer added that she was trying to find out why she was being cursed by the actress's speech, which the singer thought was "amazing." The singer also praised the actress for her performance in Fosse / Verdon, saying he played the role of "Gwen Verdon to a T."

To clarify things … Emmy-winning actress Michelle Williams is engaged to award-winning director Tony Thomas Kail, and the couple expects their first child together. Williams is the mother of Matilda, 14, who shared with the late Heath Ledger.


Meanwhile, Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams ended her engagement with Pastor Chad Johnson in December 2018, and did not make a new romance public last year.

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