Angela Rye reveals the reason why she and Common decided to separate


For some time, word spread that Angela Rye and Common have said it ends their relationship. However, neither has spoken about his breakup.

However, in a recent episode of Angela's podcast, she revealed the reason behind her separation.

During the Kwanzaa edition of her "One On With Angela Rye,quot; podcast, she answered some questions from her followers, and one person asked what happened between her and Common.

Angela answered and said: “What I would say happened is that we broke up. We were together for about a year this time and we parted, I think it was September, maybe because we simply want different things. This was just after I realized that I was going to take the second godson, the 9-year-old boy (Ryan), more frequently. He had told her the day before. We had probably been talking for two months about & # 39; Let's see where things are going & # 39; because I'm leaning towards & # 39; I want children & # 39; and he was leaning toward & # 39; I don't know & # 39 ;, and I think when someone tells you they don't & # 39; I don't know if they really don't want that, they just don't want to hurt you. "

However, she said they are still friends, although they wanted different things in their relationship.

“I think it was a friendly separation of forms. But we are very clear about the fact that we were not aligned with those interests. We'll always be friends. He is a very good person. I'm glad you asked this, there are so many stories about what happens, "he said.

Watch the full episode below, the breakout discussion begins around the 1:14:00 mark.

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94