Angela Rye reveals that Common did not want children and that is why they separated


Angela Rye and Common recently broke claims of a new BET report, despite the fact that some of the rapper's fans previously described them as a coincidence in heaven. As the couple's fans know, they came out intermittently from summer 2017 to fall 2019.

In August 2019, the artist revealed that he went to therapy to solve some of his problems, and later ended up with Angela Rye, although they separated in October of the same year. Previously, it was rumored by gossip tabloids and social media users that he was in an affair with Tiffany Haddish, the Night school star, but it was never confirmed.

Either way, it seems that Angela is getting used to a life without Common, as she recently explained why she and Common permanently separated. In his homonymous podcast, the CNN political analyst revealed that she and the rapper canceled it due to a difference in lifestyle and aspiration.

On the one hand, she wants to have children, while Common does not. After its separation earlier this year, the star said: "We just want different things."

The political commentator claimed that he realized after she told him that he was going to take his godchild more frequently. According to Rye, she told him that she was interested in having children, but Common's response was: "I don't know."

Angela explained that, in her opinion, when someone says they "don't know,quot; when they face an important decision in life, it really means that they simply don't want to hurt their feelings. Rye talked about their conversation that changes the relationship, in which Common said he didn't know if he wanted to have children.

Rye added that both are the kind of person who really knows what they want, so their division was inevitable on some level.


That said, there is no bad blood between them. She described Common as a great person. Currently, it is rumored that he is in a relationship with Karim Webb, the restaurant's owner.

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