Angela Rye: "Me and Common we broke up because I wasn't sure I wanted children!"


Political commentator and broadcaster Angela Rye has revealed that she separated from her ex-boyfriend Common because they couldn't reach an agreement on whether they should start a family.

Angela was very clear that yes, but Common, who already has children, is not very interested in the idea.

"We finished. We were together for about a year this time. And we broke up, I think it was in September maybe because we just want different things. This was just after a time when I realized that I was going to take the second godson, the nine years, more frequently. I had told him about that the day before, and we had been talking, probably for two months, about seeing where things are going because I am leaning towards children, and he was leaning towards what I don't know. I think when someone tells you they don't know, they really don't want that, they just don't want to hurt you. And so, for me, I'm clear, I'm getting clarity about what I want for myself … ", he revealed during his video Annual review.