A documentary series by Justin Bieber arrives on YouTube


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Justin Bieber He is ready to give fans a complete glimpse of his life and career.

On Tuesday, December 31, YouTube Originals announced that they would join the 25-year-old pop singer for Bieber's first docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons. I had recently joked on Instagram that a new "documentary series,quot; was being prepared, but offered no other details.

The series will bring Bieber back to YouTube and analyze in depth the rise of the star to fame. The docuseries, according to a press release, will serve as a return home for the "U Smile,quot; singer who was discovered on the global platform in 2007.

Bieber said about the docuseries: "When I was starting, YouTube provided me with a platform and a community where I could share music, experiences and moments with my fans. It feels great to partner with YouTube for this original documentary series. I want my fans to be part of this trip. "

Justin Bieber: season It will be an original 10 episode documentary that will give fans a closer look at the creation of Bieber's album in four years.

It is safe to say that Docuseries will be a crude, powerful and intimate representation of Bieber's artistic process of creating new music and fans will also learn more about his motivation for the new album as told by those close to Bieber, his closest confidants, friends, collaborators and the artist himself.

To the delight of fans, the 10-episode docuseries will also present a behind-the-scenes look at their private life, including images never before seen of their wedding with the 23-year-old model. Hailey Bieber.

The two married in September 2018, but held a larger and more luxurious wedding earlier this year in South Carolina.

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This last announcement comes weeks after Bieber published cryptic messages with a series of dates on Instagram, causing a new documentary series, as well as a new tour, album and single, "Yummy,quot;, the last of which will be released in January . 3)

In early December, the singer of "Sorry,quot; wrote "2020,quot; through Instagram Stories and then in October, he also pledged to "release an album before Christmas,quot; if his Instagram post, which has since been deleted, generated at least 20 million likes.

Earlier this month, a source also told E! News that "the album is almost finished and will be out soon,quot;.

"They are putting the last touches and pointing at the beginning of 2020," the source added. "Justin is very excited to share new music and get back on the road. It's been a long time and he feels very smart."

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Ready, in fact.

Fans will also see Bieber reflect on the trials and tribulations of growing up in the public eye, in his upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries, while inviting fans on the journey that leads to the release of the most personal album of his career.

It is safe to say that Bieber is closing the decade with a strong note and ready to assume 2020.

After all, it is closing 2019 as the most subscribed artist on the platform with 47.6 million subscribers and appears in six videos with more than one billion views. It also has more than 19 billion visits on its official artist channel.

Justin Bieber: Seasons will be produced by Scooter braun, Allison Kaye Y Scott Manson as well as Bieber himself. The YouTube Originals documentary will premiere on Monday, January 27 with new episodes that will be released every Monday and Wednesday.

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