A couple unconsciously threw $ 20,000. The dump returned it.


LONDON – When a British couple left some boxes in a recycling and waste center after cleaning the house of a dead relative a few weeks ago, they left with no idea what they had really left behind.

Hidden inside one of the boxes was 15,000 pounds in cash, almost $ 20,000.

Fortunately for the couple, according to a statement issued by police on Friday, an employee with hawk and honest eyes at the waste center helped ensure that the money returned to them.

When the team at the recycling center, in Midsomer Norton, in the south west of England, suddenly found the inexplicable box filled with hundreds of £ 20 bills in a place where garden waste and broken furniture and electrical items They are the usual rate, they started calling. police.

Then, with the help of technology and a little ingenuity, they tracked down the couple who unknowingly had left the money behind, who turned out to live 27 miles away in the coastal city of Burnham-on-Sea.

First, staff members reviewed the CCTV images of the landfill until they saw a man in the chamber leaving the box behind.

After watching it on video returning to their car, the workers combined it with their license plate, which had been automatically scanned by cameras that track all vehicles entering the depot. And the police soon tracked the owner and the address of the car.

Without revealing exactly what had been discovered, Avon and Somerset police interviewed the couple at their home and at a police station until they felt satisfied that their account of the events aligned with the abandoned property in the center of recycling.

"No details of the discovery were revealed to the couple," said David Bowen, a police employee who worked on the case, in a statement on Monday, adding that once the couple was interviewed, "there was no doubt,quot; of that the money belonged to them A police spokeswoman said the couple was between 60 and 60 years old and did not want to be identified.

The family was "shocked,quot; and "horrified,quot; when they learned of the considerable amount of cash found among what they thought were worthless items, police said.