30 songs that helped define K-Pop in 2019


Sunmi is the queen of not giving f * cks, and I love her so much for that! As I discovered in this video, the title, "Lalalay,quot;, is a stylization of the Korean word, nal (nallari, pronounced as Nal-la-ri), which is generally used in a negative context to refer to people trying to act in a great way through parties, drinking, smoking, etc. And in the song, she says it's okay, no matter what people say. Maybe it's a bit naughty, but it's not a lalalay. And even if she is? What the hell what?

It is also great that she presents a traditional Korean instrument, the taepyungso, so prominently in the choir, you will definitely not forget it. But the message of the song is so witty and self-aware, and gets an A in my book. Just let them talk, they will follow you anyway: "Like a swarm of bees, the wing of the wing / The more they win, I will win / I am a little flutist captain / With a sharp knife,quot;.