YouTuber Manny MUA denies the rumors that he and James Charles are connecting


Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

Manny MUA is revealing the truth behind him and James charles& # 39; relationship …

And the truth is that they are just friends. In his latest YouTube video, the makeup artist reveals that despite the speculation, he and James are definitely not "connected,quot; as some have suggested. "I don't know what caused the idea that James and I are more than friends. I can assure you that James and I are not screwed, we are not dating, we are not together, we are not any article in any way, form or form," Share while putting on makeup. "U.S They are friends. We have not connected. We are simply not the type of the other. "

However, there is nothing but good vibes between the two beauty influencers, which says a lot considering that they used to have beef. As Manny points out, James once "shaded,quot; him on social media, so they weren't exactly friends for many years. But later they were invented when James apologized, according to Manny. He shares: "He apologized and said:" Hey, I'm so sorry. As if that wasn't what I think of you and I was a dumb kid, I was in a not excellent place & # 39 ;, and I forgave him ".

"I am glad to have reached the point where we are now in our relationship, and that does not include f – king," shares Manny.

And it's not just James with whom Manny is making amends. He reveals that he and Tati Westbrook They are back on good terms after a public fight last year. "She and I had a fight our way and you know, by the time I feel I was in my own world, I really couldn't see anything other than what was happening in my world. And I think today I am much more open , receptive and empathetic in different ways, and I feel that it comes with growth and maturity and I really feel that this year I have grown a lot, "he explains. "Then, when Tati sent me her palette of Tati Beauty, she sent me this note and all the anguish or sadness of the past, or anything I felt towards her, left."

And he adds: "I do not say that we are best friends or anything, you know? It is not what it is, but I really respect and respect her hustle and the hardworking woman she is and how this incredible incredible career was built for her."

The gossip doesn't end there! In his revealing video, Manny says he has never been hooked with any influential person, he confesses to having received a Brazilian butt lift and addresses an unpleasant rumor that is so NSFW, that it simply cannot be repeated.

It's safe to say that Manny has answered everything, and we want to say everybody, of his fans burning questions!