YouTuber Brittani Boren Leach cries the death of a 3 month old son


YouTube star Brittani Boren Leach and her husband Jeff Leach They mourn the loss of their three-month-old son Crew.

According to his Instagram, the couple's baby took a nap on Christmas day. When Brittani went to see him, something was terribly wrong.

"When I went to see him, I wasn't breathing. We're living a nightmare and I'm dying inside. Please pray for my baby. This can't be real," he shared on Instagram.

Shortly after, Brittani shared photos of the hospital room while praying for a miracle. However, during the weekend, YouTuber updated the fans that they had to make difficult decisions.

"The small earthly body of the crew is still with us, although I know that it is already dancing and playing in the sky. We have to make some difficult decisions in the next 12 hours, which no father should have to make," he shared. "We need prayer now, more than before, specifically prayers for peace and clarity about the decisions to be made, and for our hearts, the pain is unbearable."

On Sunday night, Brittani announced that doctors will take Crew's organs for donations today.

"The crew will go to the operating room tomorrow at noon to potentially save 3 to 4 babies. Tonight we are absorbing every moment with him bathing, hugging and loving him," he shared. "We ask that you keep our family in your prayers tomorrow, knowing that it will be the most difficult day of our life."

Since the family first shared their story, a GoFundMe page has been created with more than $ 110,000 raised from followers and strangers alike.

"The doctors have concluded that Crew's brain damage is catastrophic and irreparable. We are devastated. We have made the difficult decision to donate Crew's organs in the hope that he can help another child and family in need," Jeff shared. on Facebook. "The crew fought bravely, so that we could spend this time together. We are very blessed to have been here with him."

He added: "We are grateful for our family and friends who have taken a step forward to take care of us and our children in this moment of need. Thanks to all who visited, sent a note, made a prayer or made a contribution. love has elevated us. "

Before the tragedy, Brittani was able to celebrate the holidays with his extended family. In fact, he was able to share family photos on Instagram.

"Happy Christmas Eve of our mixed family, very loud, crazy and beautiful. I can not say,quot; thank you "for all the love you have shown us this year," he wrote on social networks. "I hope you and your family have a VERY Merry Christmas."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brittani and her family during this difficult time.