Your briefing on Tuesday – The New York Times


The Communist Party is working aggressively to reshape Muslim minorities in the western region, mostly Uyghurs and Kazakhs, in loyal blue-collar workers to supply Chinese factories with cheap labor.

Under pressure from the authorities, poor farmers, small merchants and idle villagers of working age attend training and indoctrination courses for weeks or months, and then are assigned to sew clothes, make shoes, sweep streets or occupy others. jobs.

The efforts are parallel to the social engineering carried out in the Xinjiang indoctrination camps, which have housed one million or more Uyghurs and Kazakhs. Many workers attend political courses similar to those in the fields, practice military exercises and learn Chinese songs.

Watch: We obtained rare images looking into the controversial work program, where the movements and even the meals of the uniformed workers are strictly controlled.

Fact Review: The government says it is helping villagers get out of poverty and slowing the spread of religious extremism with constant work. But official documents, interviews and visits by The Times to Xinjiang show that local plans uproot villagers, restrict their movements and pressure them to remain in the workplace.

Big picture: The labor programs, together with the camps, are carrying out plans for China's leader, Xi Jinping, will strengthen control over Xinjiang, where Muslim minorities account for approximately half of the population.