Trisha Paytas from YouTube kisses with Jaclyn Hill's ex-husband



Trisha Paytas Y Jon Hill They are closing their lips, and the Internet does not know what to say.

The YouTuber, which revealed to viewers in November that it had "married,quot; with a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt, is now linked to a new man: Jon Hill. Paytas surprised fans when he posted images in his Instagram story on Sunday night of her and her partner YouTuber Jacyln HillThe ex-husband is kissing.

"I can't wait to get pregnant tonight @ jonhill822 I F $ & KING LOVE UUUUUUUUU," captioned a photo of them together, Hill kissing his cheek with his hands on his back.

"My mind is amazed right now," said one commentator. "Jaclyn has left the chat …" joked another.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn didn't recognize the images when she tweeted: "My friend gave me her corn sauce recipe and I'm so excited to do it for New Year's Eve! It's so simple but so amazing!"

"The Internet is going crazy over Jon Hill and Trisha Paytas kissing on Instagram, while Jaclyn Hill is taking care of her business tweeting about a corn sauce recipe. God bless this woman," said a tweet.

In May 2018, Jaclyn announced the decision to divorce Jon and her after almost nine years of marriage.

"Although this has been one of the most difficult decisions of our lives, I know it's the best for both of us," YouTube's influential make-up, which has accumulated almost 6 million subscribers, said in a statement on Instagram. "I will always love him, and I am very grateful for all the good times we share together. This breaks my heart, but I still believe in love and I think everyone has a chance for a happy ending."

Meanwhile, Paytas had viewers buzzing last month when he announced that he was engaged and would be married on November 1. "They are well known, but they are only a private person, so even though they are a public person, they're private," he joked about his future partner.

However, the announcement soon revealed itself as a farce after Paytas posted a video of her wedding ceremony, which turned out to be between her and a cardboard cutout.

"I never thought I'd find someone who wouldn't leave me and wouldn't answer me and judge me for being crazy. This is real and it means a lot," he said to the cardboard cutout of the Once upon a time in Hollywood star. "From the moment I received you by mail, I knew this was going to last forever."

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