Torrei Hart is having the last laugh after she publishes this shaded caption addressing Eniko Parrish's emotional interview about Kevin Hart's cheat scandal


Before marrying Eniko Parrish, Kevin Hart married Torrei Hart, who has hinted in the past that the couple began dating while they were still together. After the comedian's Netflix special fell and a video went viral that Eniko was talking about her reaction to the cheating scandal of 2017, Torrei posted a photo that has been perceived as suspicious on social media.

If he doesn't know yet, someone tried to extort Kevin with a video of him sleeping with another woman while his wife was pregnant. After the actor refused to be extorted and issued a public apology, the culprit released the video that made rounds on social networks.

In the recently released Netflix documentary series Don’t F *** This, Kevin covers the most important moments of his life while taking fans on a journey through his daily routine.

Eniko, along with other members of his intimate circle, are interviewed.

While discussing the scandal that could have ended his marriage, Parrish gets excited when he remembers what happened.

‘I was pregnant at that time, I was about seven or eight months pregnant. I was having breakfast, opened my phone and immediately lost it. I called him, I'm crying, I'm angry. Just then, he kept saying: "How the hell did you let that happen?" You humiliated me publicly. Everything is on Instagram, all on social networks. It was a continuous fight all the time. Every day. & # 39;

When the blogs republished the clip, many did not feel bad about Eniko and commented that he now knows how Torrei felt when he allegedly robbed his former 40-year-old.

Torrei published a carefree photo of herself and captioned it: "Let the anger go away girl, you made it to yourself!"

His followers felt that it was a subtle but bleak clapback to what Eniko said in the documentary.

The two have gotten into online disputes on the subject in the past.


Do you think Torrei was shading Parrish?

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