T.I. They are excited about their marriage to Tiny Harris: "You are the power couple!"


YOU. He shared a photo on his social media account where he is with his wife, Tiny Harris, and fans can't get enough of the couple. They called them a power couple in the comments, praising their relationship.

The truth is that Tiny and Tip had their difficult moments, but in the end, they managed to overcome them all, and these days they couldn't be happier and more in love with each other.

Someone said: "My favorite partner is a lot of money in this picture," and another follower posted this: "They should always fight in the A this is where Black Excellence is …".

Another commentator wrote: "It seems that you sold drugs instead of playing baseball in American Gangster," and one follower said: "And you see the Queen put her hand on her release! 😍 Periodt! @Majorgirl."

Someone else posted this: ‘Awesomeness !! I love that both have realized that they are better as ONE # blacklovewins, "while another fan praised the couple, especially Tiny:" I love that @ troubleman31 ALWAYS has his queen @majorgirl on his side! "Black love 💪❤️’

An Instagram installer posted: "I am very happy to see you both together, and you make a beautiful couple," and another follower said: "Seeing you both so happy makes my heart smile! ❤️❤️’


YOU. He posted another photo of the same date night and took this opportunity to show that his love for Tiny is still getting stronger.

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