Steve Kazee gets excited about Jenna Dewan in an incredibly moving letter: he jokes that his IG is now a "fan account,quot; for the pregnant girlfriend!


Steve Kazee is so obviously in love with his pregnant girlfriend, Jenna Dewan, that his entire Instagram page is basically a fan account for her now and he knows it very well! The father who will be taken to the platform to publish a series of different photos, all intended to celebrate the achievements of his partner, even take his son.

Of course, the post should also congratulate her on the premiere of Flirty Dancing, Jenna's new reality show.

That said, the first photo was of the actress at the examination table of a doctor receiving a prenatal check-up, with a naked belly on display.

While the photos were taken very carefully, what really touched the people who stumbled upon the publication was the sweet title.

It reads: ‘Disclaimer: Now I know this is basically a fan account @jennadewan. There is a reason for that. That reason is that I constantly observe with absolute amazement how she (has carved) her way through this world and all the time she does it with a level of grace to which we should all aspire. "

The long letter continued: & # 39; From starring as a mother to her beautiful daughter and our future son, to her main role as a partner in my life, to her starring role in @soundtracknetflix and the premiere of @flirtydancefox tonight she never Stop inspiring me and surprise me. So yes … I am proud. Incredibly. I want everyone to know about it because it is a gift to this world in many ways. So thanks for visiting this fan account. Happy premiere day my love! ❤ ’

Speaking of the premiere of the new show, the publication also included Jenna in the premiere, proudly standing under a tent.


Flirty Dancing premiered on Fox last night.

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