Ron Rivera's rental could indicate new Redskins, but the same problems at the top


The Redskins are draining, and filling, the swamp.

Washington on Monday morning separated from team president Bruce Allen, who had been leading Washington during the last decade after being hired in December 2009. Washington has two division titles in that period, but the Redskins also They have five endings. .

The work of the team owner, Dan Snyder, did not end there. Washington is bringing former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera "except for any unforeseen developments," reports Adam Schefter of ESPN. Rivera and the Panthers separated after a Week 13 loss, coincidentally, against the Redskins.

Redskins gets a superstar with the number 2 pick

While there is little debate about whether Rivera is one of the best candidates available for training, the timing is curious, considering that the coach is reportedly being hired without the supervision of a new president of football operations or a general manager. . If Rivera is forced to marry a new GM, that would prove that Snyder has not yet succeeded.

If the organization was so safe in Rivera prior to saying goodbye to Allen, he shows that Snyder still wants to keep his hand in the cookie jar, much to the dismay of Washington fans everywhere. Snyder's journey of power is evident, yet that was evident during a waste of overtime from Week 16 to the Giants.

This is a Washington team with the general selection number 2 in the NFL 2020 Draft, a position that believes the team will get a player to alter the franchise. There will probably be little debate about who's name on the card when it is sent to the stage (SN has the Redskins taking Chase Young from Ohio State), but who will have the power to make that call? Will it be Rivera, a new GM or Snyder?

Rivera is an intelligent employee. He is a disciplinary who brought a certain level of stability to a Panthers organization for most of a decade. He has a season of 15 wins and an appearance in the Super Bowl to his credit, despite questionable drafts and sterile lists for years. Rivera is likely to make the most of what is happening in Washington, but the question remains whether Rivera can keep Syder marginalized while he (potentially) takes the reins.

In any case, there will be wholesale changes in the nation's capital, and they are likely to develop in the typical manner of the Redskins.