RHOA: Trends of Tanya Sam on Twitter after surprising viewers


The Real Housewives franchise always has a fan favorite every season. In the latest installment of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the one to see is Tanya Sam.

Tanya joined the show last season where she was introduced as a friend of Nene Leakes. The two met at Swagg Boutique, where they got along well for being Sagittarius and sharing the same birthday.

She returned this season as a friend, but last night's episode made viewers want her to become a peach holder.

Tanya took the ladies to Toronto, where Nene will finally face Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore. But it was his fun-loving attitude and his bubbly personality that won the hearts of fans.

People tweeted so much about her that it became a trending topic on Twitter.

Porsha needs independence Kenya needs self-esteem Marlo needs her passport Yovanna needs to leave Eva needs to be fired Cynthia needs a spine TANYA NEEDS A PEACH #RHOA "tweeted a viewer.

Tanya is a refreshing addition to #RHOA She is lovely, considerate, all bad and just nice to see. A peach for Tanya! ’He added another.

This viewer said: Amo I love Tanya! She is always very positive, is always excited about these women (even when they don't deserve it) and is always depressed for the shift! "

"God grant me Nene's trust Kandi's creativity Cynthia's kindness Porsha's mood Kenyan's enthusiasm Eva's beauty Marlo's audacity Tanya's kindness And the wisdom of not being that Clark lady," another viewer tweeted .

Actually, they offered Tanya a full-time position in the program, but she refused.


When a fan questioned her decision, she replied: ‘Hundreds of hours dedicated to filming that take away my other job of building business and helping others build business @TheAmbitionFundY @TechSquare #buildsomethingfromnothing #rhoa. "

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