Reportedly, things between Madonna and her 25-year-old boo are getting "serious,quot;!


Listen, if you still have it, you still have it! Apparently, Madonna is living her best life with her boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, 25.

Rumors swirled about the two dates, after the paparazzi took pictures on a balcony. Now, Ahlamalik's father, Drue, has confirmed that they are together, and things are getting serious!

According to @TMZ_tv, Madonna and Ahlamalik, who is also one of their backup dancers, have been together for just over a year.

Drue apparently confirms with TMZ that Madonna met Ahlamalik's parents in one of his shows at Ceasar’s Palace, where he invited them to his suite for dinner with his personal chef!

According to reports, Drue says the 61-year-old singer told them she loves her son unconditionally and wants to take care of him.

"Love has no age," says Drue. "My son is living the Crazy Life, and I am happy for him."

Drue also told TMZ that Madonna invited him and his wife to attend their 202 concerts in London and Paris.

Previous reports noted that Madonna and Ahlamalik were seen getting off a private plane together in Miami, before heading to a nearby hotel. The paparazzi photos show Ahlamalik with his hands wrapped around his waist.

Ahlamalik has been part of Madonna's backup dance team for some time, and has killed all the performances with her! He often presents it on his Instagram page dancing and having fun.

What do you guys think, Roomies? Is the age difference too much or is the age just a number? Let us know in the comments!