R. Kelly's girlfriend, Azriel Clary, shows an impressive new hairstyle on video and leaves fans in shock with her impressive vocal performance


It seems that one of R. Kelly's girlfriends is finally trying to move on and live her life away from the controversies surrounding the dishonored R,amp;B musician.

Although Azriel Clary has stated in the past that she does not believe that a musical career is possible for her, it seems that Kelly's girlfriend loves to sing and revealed that she recently had considerable musical talent.

After it was learned that the girl was no longer living in the singer's apartment in Trump Tower, Clary suddenly showed much more activity in her social media accounts.

Among his recent publications there was also a video clip in which he greeted his followers with her singing a traditional Christmas song.

In the video, he shared on Instagram, Clary, who recently showed a new hairstyle and color sang a personal interpretation of the popular "The Christmas Song,quot; and wished his fans had fun on the holidays.

Clary was full of Christmas humor, because she was dressed according to a sweater with Christmas motifs that had the impression of a cute deer and in the description she added a hashtag, which said "On the Run with Azriel,quot;.

Clary appeared in the headlines recently with her decision to move out of Kelly's luxurious condominium that she shared with her other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, so she could live more quietly and away from the legal problems surrounding her lover.

Clary, who was next to Kelly since her legal situation was complicated a couple of years ago, has always maintained that she never suffered any bad behavior on the part of the famous singer.

A fan told the aspiring artist this: “This is not how you usually look. You're just beautiful. I don't like this portrait of you. Omg, you broke 😍😍😍😍😍 ".

Another sponsor revealed: "You don't need to like someone else's choices or religion," but at least you must respect it! 💯🛐 "

This social media user explained: “No, all I was saying is that you are more beautiful, of course, which is a compliment. I really like you, honey.

A follower shared: "Man, it's crazy how many people can spend their lives hating hahaha, isn't there anything better to do? 😂" Let me not like this girl and everything she does and constantly talk shit but I still follow her " lmao. "


Clary seems to have a bright future ahead.

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