Peter Weber defends himself for being elected as the new single instead of Mike Johnson


Peter Weber was a finalist in the last season of The Bachelorette. The pilot is charming enough, but Bachelor Nation erupted when he was named as the new Single instead of Mike Johnson.

Mike was a fan favorite last season by winning the hearts of the spectators in his speech about his fourth queen's quest. He even caught the attention of Demi Lovato with whom he briefly dated.

That's why when Peter the Pilot was announced as the next man to look for love in reality shows, fans were upset.

Mike previously expressed disappointment when he said that every single man had been a white man and thought he could contribute something to the franchise he never had.

‘I think Peter is a handsome guy with his 5 o'clock shadow. He has a fun job, super fun. His family is amazing. His little brother, I know personally, is a silly boy. … I think it would have been more entertaining. I said it and I will keep my word. "

Later he went on to say in a separate interview: think I think there should be an Asian leader, an Indian leader … diversity is not just black and white. It's not just salt and pepper. "

Weber is finally talking about outrage. He doesn't want spectators to blame him, but he does want to have a chance.

‘A, I didn't make this decision, right? I was very grateful to accept it and move on, but listen, regardless of race, identity or anything else, everyone deserves love. And I am not the only person. Mike would have been a great single. Tyler (Cameron) could have been a great single. They chose me and I'm very excited and very humble and I can't wait for this trip to begin. "


Will you watch Peter's season from The Bachelor?

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