NFL power rating: Ravens, 49ers remain at the top; The saints, the bosses close the gap; Bears, hawks and broncos ascend until the end of 2019


The 2019 NFL regular season is over. While 12 teams have separated to advance to the playoffs with a chance in Super Bowl 54, the other 20 can now focus solely on the offseason.

The playoffs will determine both the league champion and the final hierarchy, but it's time to take a look at how the teams compare to each other after Week 17. The most powerful flexed their muscles again, and throughout the middle, there was a natural regression to the average.

Playoff calendar | Simulated project with new order

From top to bottom, this is how Sporting News classifies them, for the last time until after the Super Bowl.

NFL power rating

1. Baltimore Ravens, 14-2 (previous classification: 1)

The Ravens have never been so good, and their history includes a couple of strong Super Bowl races. Their hurried offensive and defensive depth give them the right composition for January and February.

2. San Francisco 49ers, 13-3 (2)

The 49ers defense continues to fight through key injuries to make stops, so they will welcome the first-round goodbye to heal. His offense has become so dangerous due to his diverse staff and his plays, and there are likely to be many wrinkles in the playoffs in what could be Kyle Shanahan's redemption song.

3. Kansas City Chiefs, 12-4 (5)

The Chiefs' offensive continues to find more answers around Patrick Mahomes with all his health and Damien Williams assuming control as he did at the end of last season. Steve Spagnuolo's installation of scheme 4-3 has been worthwhile, from Frank Clark to defensive MVP Tyrann Mathieu.

4. New Orleans Saints, 13-3 (4)

The Saints did not have much difficulty dispatching the Panthers on the road in Week 17. They played with a minor opponent, but they are the only ones in the playoffs who are playing a dominant game and relentlessly towards the playoffs. That momentum will surely help them try to run two steps deeper than last year.

5. Green Bay Packers, 13-3 (3)

The Packers haven't earned many style points for their massive rebound season with Matt LaFleur, in part because Aaron Rodgers isn't putting the team behind him and lighting him because everything depends on him. He has been a little out of combat, but when the defense and the running game hit some walls in the playoffs, you know that Rodgers is the biggest ace in the hole for any team in the league.

Tom brady

6. New England Patriots, 12-3 (7)

What was that? The Patriots lost another game at home, this time to an enemy of the AFC East, and had a defensive collapse at the end of the game. We can't rule out Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, even when they seem to be the most vulnerable, but consider them on the ropes for at least this playoff race with the probability that a replay will come down quickly with a rare No. 3.

7. Seattle Seahawks, 11-5 (7)

The Seahawks couldn't finish another close game against the 49ers, but their No. 5 seed is more appropriate for their overall level of play this season. They have enough offensive and defensive holes thanks to so many injuries to think that they won't be able to cross a difficult NFC field.

8. Buffalo Bills, 10-6 (8)

The Bills have played a physical style with great timely plays, and Sean McDermott needs to be a strong candidate for the coach of the year. They really needed to rest those indispensable bodies against the Jets, and they will enter the wild card game in Houston with all their relentless strength.

9. Minnesota Vikings, 10-6 (9)

The Vikings could also afford to be careful with their key players against the Bears, but now they must hope that having objects at rest does not cost them against the locomotive that the Saints are. They cannot rely on a Miracle of Minneapolis to spend a playoff game in New Orleans.

10. Houston Texans, 10-6 (10)

The Texans were also in a position to sit down regularly without the possibility of improving their No. 4 seed in the loss to the Titans. They must remember that winning the division and getting a wild card game at home didn't help the season much. Possibly they agree worse against the Bills than with the Colts a year ago.

Carson wentz

11. Philadelphia Eagles, 9-7 (11)

Now that the Eagles have achieved another unlikely December race to reach the playoffs despite all their injuries, we can't sleep on Doug Pederson's team in the NFC tournament, especially with a home game to start. They also have something new for the playoffs: a healthy and determined Carson Wentz.

12. Tennessee Titans, 9-7 (13)

The Titans have had a great second half of the season fueled by their sudden dominant triplets, Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Ryan Tannehill. Arthur Smith has done a great job taking charge of the LaFleur offensive, and Mike Vrabel has helped keep the defense together despite the injuries. They are hard and tested in battle, which makes them a dangerous confrontation from the beginning for the Patriots.

13. Los Angeles Rams, 9-7 (12)

The Rams did not enter the Super Bowl hangover mode, as they managed to finish ahead of .500. But they found offensive answers with Todd Gurley, Tyler Higbee and Robert Woods too late, and their defense was a frustrating yo-yo despite investment in Jalen Ramsey.

14. Chicago Bears, 8-8 (19)

The Bears also did not live up to expectations of being a return playoff team, as they fell hard in the NFC North behind the Packers and the Vikings. His offensive inconsistency with Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky was maddening and more frequent when his defense had a natural fall linked to the injury and loss of Vic Fangio.

15. Dallas Cowboys, 8-8 (15)

The Cowboys were appropriately .500 with Jason Garrett, taken two steps forward and then two steps back has been the trademark of his term. The offensive alternated between explosive and inefficient, and the defense went from less flex to more break.

Mike Tomlin

16. Pittsburgh Steelers, 8-8 (14)

The loss of Ben Roethlisberger due to injury and the start of 0-3 were a nuisance from which they could not recover despite the best efforts of Mike Tomlin and Keith Butler to turn them into a defensive team, trying to hide their offensive failures as much as possible. possible. Winning games while scoring in adolescence only works in a short window in today's NFL.

17. Atlanta Falcons, 7-9 (20)

When everything was said and done for Dan Quinn's team, the Falcons probably finished with a record that really matched their talent, given their career game and pass defense limitations. Quinn gave them all the reasons to stay with him and prove that he is not the problem.

18. Oakland Raiders, 7-9 (16)

The next time we qualify for the Raiders, they will be representing Las Vegas. Jon Gruden did a good job at the end with a three-game improvement since 2018, remaining in the AFC playoff hunt until the last week of the season.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7-9 (17)

The Buccaneers finished with a slight two-game improvement with Bruce Arians, and we will never know what it could have been if they had discovered their pass defense and run game early in the season. As much as Jameis Winston's 30 interceptions clouded his 33 touchdowns and 5,109 yards, his talent and courage proved that he should be his QB guardian.

20. Indianapolis Colts, 7-9 (18)

The Colts fell for three games in the transition away from Andrew Luck, and although Jacoby Brissett sometimes struggled trying to replace him, he was also dealing with many offensive injuries (including his own), and the defense was not immune, either. Expect the Frank Reich team to recover in 2020.

Drew lock

21. Denver Broncos, 7-9 (22)

The strong end of the Broncos season gives us reason to believe that they are a playoff team for 2020, with Drew Lock as a response to the quarterback and the defense with some freshly discovered juice under Fangio. Improving a game feels much bigger than it is.

22. New York Jets, 7-9 (23)

Adam Gase did the best he could with another team that was bitten by injury and illness errors. His first season in New York was disappointing because he was closer to his former team, Miami, than either of the two playoff teams in the division, New England and Buffalo.

23. Cleveland Browns, 6-10 (21)

Freddie Kitchens had to let go based on his high expectations. Forget about the fact that they failed to compete for the AFC North and get a place in the playoffs. They were actually a game and a half better last season.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars, 6-10 (25)

Doug Marrone got his team to show life in the final, but after a 4-4 start, a 2-6 finish that was mainly due to offensive dysfunction and defensive ineptitude was a bad aspect for a team that was in the AFC championship game only two years ago

25. Arizona Cardinals, 5-10-1 (27)

For many, the Cardinals exceeded expectations of what they could do immediately with Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray offensively, but the incorporation of Kenyan Drake made the running game the most reliable part of the team with the defense without doing much. . They need to invest a lot on that side in the off season.

Philip Rivers

26. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-11 (24)

The Chargers had the worst fall of any team, seven games worse than they were in 2018. Philip Rivers rotation problems, offensive line problems and defensive injuries are some of the culprits. There was a real lack of identity for much of the season after showing that attitude last year.

27. Miami Dolphins, 5-11 (29)

The Dolphins, until their surprising surprise of the Patriots in Week 17, threw all the notions of their tank out the window. Ryan Fitzpatrick went out of his way to bring out his offensive talent, led by DeVante Parker, and Brian Flores got the best of an "unnamed,quot; defense. This team can be scary in a hurry, sitting on three draft picks and about to chase a QB franchise.

28. Carolina Panthers, 5-11 (26)

What was that? The Panthers entered the tank without Ron Rivera, as his defense somehow worsened, and his offense crumbled where Christian McCaffrey was not playing. His new coach has a lot of work for him, starting with the decision of QB.

29. New York Giants, 4-12 (28)

Daniel Jones is the real deal as the field marshal of the franchise, and it seems that the offensive will be fine if Saquon Barkley is there to help too. The defense is what needs a successful review for the Giants to join the Broncos as a playoff sleeper next season.

30. Detroit Lions, 3-12-1 (30)

The Lions may have saved their coach and general manager, and they played well and intelligently for most of their final against the Packers, but talent problems, especially defensive ones, continued to cause them to crumble. They will have to be at least respectable on that side of the ball if they hope to win more games with Matthew Stafford back leading a somewhat loaded offense.

31. Washington Redskins, 3-13 (31)

The Redskins were decimated by the injuries, which countered all the heart and the fight they showed with interim coach Bill Callahan, at least on the scoreboard. They will now adapt to major changes as they continue desperately seeking relevance in a weakened NFC.

32. Cincinnati Bengals, 2-14 (32)

The Bengals have not worried about their confirmed draft status in recent weeks, and that led to many veteran fights of players like Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert and Joe Mixon. Zac Taylor had a tough rookie campaign, but there is a promise that he will oversee a change, especially with Joe Burrow on the way.