NeNe Leakes fans are going crazy because they are being kicked out of RHOA


Fans of NeNe Leakes are freaking out these days thinking they could be eliminated from the RHOA series. Just take a look at what you posted on your social media account the day before.

‘I just saw TONIGHT & # 39; S #RHOA. Tune in to see me walk through the door the last 30 seconds of this episode. Last week's mockery was just that … a joke! … The End #theytriedit, "NeNe wrote in his post.

Someone commented: "You are definitely slowly removing the ice from the program, but no matter what it is, you will always be the HBIC."

Another follower said: ‘Maybe this is a setup for your own program on a new network! Without you, it just doesn't work so well! "With nothing but love for others, but … The Queen reigns supreme!"

A fan said: ‘Baby girl we know. When you enter the room, it belongs to you! #Periodt "and another commenter posted this:" You shouldn't stay if they don't want you on the show. "

Another commenter posted this: "Interesting how they are using you to promote each episode but limiting camera time."

Someone else said: though I hope you still receive the full check! This is how you know you have it. Less time in front of the screen and still secure the bag. "

Another follower posted: ‘I knew I was going to be a cliffhanger. I go to the chile bar. Thanks for letting us know! They tried it! Almost having us watching parties and everything. 🙄 ’


In other news, NeNe shared many photos of a fight night in which he received tickets from no less than Floyd Mayweather. Kandi Burruss and more of his friends were also there.

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