My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Twins sent a note after the suicide pact


In the middle of the steps of Billy Smith Y Joe smithHowever, new claims are emerging about the nature of their deaths.

On Saturday, the twin brothers and the stars of the British reality show TLC My big fat gypsy wedding They were found dead in England, E! News confirmed. They were 32 years old.

Although the cause of their deaths has not been officially confirmed, it is reported that they died after a joint suicide pact. While the circumstances are not clear, the brothers' cousin, Phoebe Charleen Smith, told E! News left a note saying they were unhappy and where they want to be: the forest.

"At 10 a.m. in the morning, the mailman sent a letter to the door," Smith explained, noting that Joe had not shown up at his grandmother's house where he lived last night. "The note was sent to my uncle and he opened the letter and said: & # 39; We are in the forest, as we used to be when we were younger & # 39;".

"My uncle ran to the forest where they used to play right behind my aunt's house," he recalled, "and that's how my uncle found them." Just a few days before, they celebrated Christmas with their mother and gave their grandmother photos of them and her together.

Smith also talked about Joe's health, sharing that the father of two children had received chemotherapy for cancer and was told that the cancer had disappeared, "but we don't know if it's true or false," he said. "I think they weren't happy. Two years ago we had a cousin who killed himself, so he's in the family."

However, she insisted that it is not clear if the circumstances are linked. "We don't want anything to twist. They told us that the cancer was cured and we don't know if that was the truth. Billy was unhappy anyway and had a big impact on Billy, this cancer scare. We don't & # 39; No I know for sure if it was definitely cancer. "

She told E! News: "Billy said he could never live without Joe. We don't know for sure until the autopsy is over. All we know is that a couple of months later this happened."

While the family mourns the devastating loss of the brothers, Smith recalled the strong bond of the brothers. "His love was so incredible for each other. When one brother was hurt, the other one hurt; if there was a headache, they both had it, so seeing Joey go through this, he felt it too," he said. "Joe would follow Billy; if Billy was in trouble, Joe would follow him wherever he went."

"Nobody had anything bad to say about them and they never had a fight in their life. They were gentlemen," congratulated Smith. "They have destroyed us all. They could have told us that we are a very close family, and we are all very close to them … They could have come to us for help, and money is no problem. A list of people They told him there is no cure for his cancer, and that is the only thing that makes sense. "

She continued: "Going together to those forests and knowing what they were doing, climbing up that tree to plan all that, it is unbearable to think what was going on in their heads to do this."

Our thoughts are with the brothers' loved ones during this difficult time.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).