Lala Kent shares a 10-year retroactive photo before the end of the decade – Look at the transformation!


Now that the decade is about to end, Lala Kent is remembering how much she has changed in the last ten years and it is safe to say that she has transformed a lot. However, before and after might not be what you expected.

While Lala looks as beautiful and young as ever, the side-by-side comparison between the two photos focused more on the different appearance she used to have at the time and the one she looks today.

It's a great transformation and the reality TV star shared with his followers how he felt about it.

It should be mentioned that, since the cast member of the Vanderpump Rules is so open about fillers and Botox, many people could have expected the two images to be really different from each other.

However, that was not the case at all! Lala's facial features have not changed much, with some small exceptions, but as mentioned earlier, she is much more skilled when it comes to applying the right makeup for her.

In other words, you can have fatter lips and lighter hair, but the real change is its appearance, something the star recognized in its publication.


‘I found this image on the left on my old laptop. Some avant-garde science fiction photos. But the look reminded me of the photo on the right. I look like the same girl from Utah, who has become a woman, only with better eyebrows and fuller lips. I also learned to put on makeup, "he wrote in the caption.

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