Khloe Kardashian will make Tristan Thompson sweat in 2020 for this reason


By 2020, Tristan Thompson will be cut off if he wants to have any chance of winning his ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Khloe Kardashian.

In recent months, Tristan has been publicly proclaiming his love for the reality star. He wrote beautiful messages and even sent large bouquets of flowers in hopes of rekindling the flames of love.

The couple separated after True's mother caught her little dad cheating with Jordyn Woods. A source spoke recently Hollywood life and confessed that Khloe has closed that chapter of his life.

The expert said: "Tristan says that he wants to help recover Khloe, of course, makes her feel good, but she tells him and everyone around her that she is not interested in doing anything other than raising him. It is said that Khloe is on the moon because the basketball star spends more time with his daughter True, but she is not ready to return with him. "

The source went on to say: “Things have improved a lot between them, but she could never trust him again after he cheated on her. Khloe has worked very hard to move on and learn to trust again. He is happy that Tristan sees more of True, and they can finally communicate better, but there is nothing he can do to recover it romantically. "

Another source confirmed that Tristan met with Khloe at the family's Christmas party that was also attended by Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott and that's how it happened: “There was no PDA or romance when it came to Travis and Tristan at the party with Khloe and Kylie, were strictly in dad's duty and enjoyed all the entertainment and food, and were just chatting and letting go. "

The source continued: “For them, they enjoyed the relaxation of everything. There was no drama with any family member; everyone was having a good time, and in the festive spirit and things were mainly for the children, it was a very safe and quiet meeting. No one was going to spend the night on their relationships or the lack of them, and it was about being close to everyone for Christmas "


Do you think there is any hope that these two people will be together again?

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