Judge rules that the city of Dallas is not responsible for Amber Guyger shooting Botham Jean


Roommates, Botham Jean's family has come a difficult way since Amber Guyger shot him and killed him in his own apartment. And after a more recent ruling by the judges, the family is prepared to defend themselves.

According to CBS News, a federal judge ruled that the city of Dallas is not responsible for the out-of-service police officer, Amber Guyger, shooting Botham Jean. The family filed the lawsuit claiming that better training by the Dallas Police Department could have saved his life.

With this decision, it is likely that the family will not be granted a large financial agreement and, according to reports, plan to file an appeal on the matter. According to reports, they claim that the DPD adopted a "shoot first and ask questions later,quot; protocol, leaving their loved one for dead.

"Essentially, Officer Guyger was poorly trained and, as a result, failed to comply with the faulty DPD Policy: using lethal force even when there was no immediate threat of harm to himself or others," the lawsuit said.

As we reported earlier, Amber faced up to 99 years in prison and was sentenced to 10 years, which many people considered to be a too light sentence.

Despite what he had done, Botham's family publicly forgave Amber and hugged her, specifically Botham's brother, Brandt Jean, 18.

"I will not say that I hope you die as my brother did … personally I want the best for you," he said. "I don't even want you to go to jail … because that's exactly what Botham would want."

Judge Lynn issued his ruling based on the decision of a magistrate judge because the lawsuit could not "declare a claim on which reparation can be granted."

As of now, there is no news from the family lawyer, but we will keep you informed as the story continues to unfold, Roomies.