Joe Giudice implies that he will not return to the United States in the short term amid the drama of deportation and separation from Teresa


There is still hope that Royal Housewives of New Jersey Star Joe Giudice could win his deportation appeal and be allowed to return to the United States. But, according to a recent Instagram post, Giudice doesn't seem to have plans to return regardless of the result.

Juicy Joe has been posting many old photos on his Instagram page in recent days. And, in the legend of a photo that showed his wife Teresa and their four daughters, Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 13, and Audriana, 10, in the communion of Milania about years, Joe seemed to imply that his life in the United States is completely in the past.

"I will always love the memories I made in the United States and the fun we had as a family!" Joe wrote. “I will always love my family and worry about them, even if their (sic) is not here because of the options, so tonight I share it with you all! We had wonderful moments in the United States as a family that I will always appreciate forever! "

He also published a selfie with his daughters that he took during his trip to Italy to celebrate Christmas, and Joe wrote in that caption that he has some new challenges in 2020, such as learning to control himself with the use of bowls, heating hot water and Live without American comforts.

Joe said he can get used to anything because he will see his daughters' faces again.

The 47-year-old man served three years in a federal prison and seven months in an ICE detention center before the court granted him permission to move to his native Italy in October while awaiting the final decision on his deportation appeal.

Giudice's family lawyer, James Leonard, said We weekly at the time they were still fighting, and Joe's desire is to return home to the United States and reunite with his family. However, earlier this month, it was revealed that Joe and Teresa had separated after twenty years of marriage.

A source told the publication that Joe and Teresa still had no plans to divorce. But, when Teresa and the girls visited Joe in November, the former couple decided it was better for them to separate because neither of them wanted to be in a long distance relationship.

The source also claimed that Joe had started dating in Italy, but Teresa was busy taking care of the girls. Teresa has recently been seen with Anthony Delorenzo, with whom he dated high school. But experts say they are only friends.


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