It seems that everything is love between the NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather!


If you confuse the marital status of the NBA Youngboy, you are not alone. He has been in the headlines lately with his new NBA Younggirl and his new baby mom!

Recently, Youngboy channeled inside Michael Jackson and recorded a song about his former Yaya Mayweather.

The song, titled irty Dirty Iyanna speaks, talks about her relationship with Floyd Mayweather's daughter. If you remember, a few months ago, Youngboy was not happy to discover that his tires were cut, and he was convinced that Yaya was responsible.

He did not mention names in the incident video, but it is clear that he was convinced that his ex was behind.

Now, going back to the song. Youngboy was clearly bothering Yaya, and she was initially not here for that! In a series of tweets, she expressed how annoying she was and even implied that she was being bullied online.

But, it seems that things have changed! Yaya was seen on video just a few days ago bumping into the song in her car with her mother, and her sister knew every word!

She and Youngboy exchanged some comments, and it seems that everything is love now.

"I laugh so much that I love you," said the NBA. And Yaya's response was nothing short of sweet to say: "Hahaha, I love you more baby."

It is to clarify immediately if the two are back together, but these comments show that they are at least on good terms!

As for Youngboy and his other ladies, he has confirmed that he will be a new dad again, and he is very excited about that!

What do you think, Roomies?