Iggy Azalea puts thirst trap for Playboi Carti with sparkling photos and declares his love for him


It seems that Iggy Azalea really wants to prove that the current rumors about her pregnancy are wrong, since the music star has been publishing one photo after another in a bikini, looking more impressive than ever and leaving no trace of a tramp in her figure.

Apparently, the Australian rapper decided it was time to take a break after all his hard work to promote his new single "Lola,quot; and his EP, Evil lips, which was released in early December.

The 29-year-old woman shared photos of her getaway in Bali, Indonesia, and showed her slender figure.

In one of the images, the singer of "Fancy,quot; posed provocatively before the camera in a hot red bikini that could barely contain her broad assets.

On Sunday, the Australian beauty published another photograph, in which she was submerged in the water. For this snapshot, the singer wore a black strapless bikini.

It seems that Iggy had a good time because the rapper wrote in the description of her publication that swimming was the best part of her day.

The blonde's blonde hair fell freely, and as some of her fans noticed, she wore full makeup on her face, despite being in the water.

Iggy quickly defended himself by commenting that he was not planning to put his face underwater.

Iggy also appeared in the headlines after announcing his separation from Playboi Carti, writing in his Instagram story, "I'm single."

However, she deleted the message and apologized and said that she loved him more than ever and added: “I need to apologize. It is not my character to publish anything I go through in my private life on the Internet for the world to comment on. I felt distressed and made an impulsive choice that I immediately regretted, but it was too late to undo it. The truth is that I love Jordan very much, I always will, more than you might know. That is all that everyone should need to hear, and I'm sorry to have made public something that should always remain between him and me, whatever happens. "

Iggy's escape trip and her apologies come after a couple of difficult months for her, since her musical career has been in decline recently.


In addition to his second studio album, In my defense, not very well, when he arrived at stores in July, his long-awaited project, Evil lips, was repeatedly delayed before its final release.

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