Future applications Another gag order about the alleged baby moms Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker


Whew chile, the drama! At this point, he is likely to be up-to-date regarding the future and the unpleasant exchange between him and two of his alleged baby moms, Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker. Things do not seem to be resolved in the short term because Future has just submitted court documents to impose gag orders to both ladies to prevent them from filtering details of the paternity lawsuit on social media and in the press.

Amid supposedly recovering that old thing with the rumored boo Lori Harvey, Future has also been dealing with endless news about paternity claims against him by Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker, who continued to claim that Future is the father of His two young children. "Eliza's daughter and Cindy's son." Although women dragged him to social networks, Future has remained silent about the accusations that decide instead to handle things in court, and he only took things one step further. @BossipOfficial reports that it has officially filed another gag order against Eliza and Cindy to prevent them from leaking information about their paternity claims.

While most of us were full of festive joy and spending time with our families, a few days before Christmas, Future allegedly requested a probation hearing on his motion for a gag order in Eliza's paternity lawsuit because he claims that She is spreading "false and baseless." accusations. ” Internal sources claim that "a source with knowledge of the situation believes that Future may be taking time to pursue the gag order as a tactic to drag the case and delay it from having to have a DNA test."

A judge was supposed to rule on the initial gag order he filed in August six weeks ago, but Future's lawyer canceled it at the last minute, prolonging legal proceedings. Now that he has presented another, things are expected to lengthen once more. Until the gag order motion is resolved, the case cannot proceed.

You can remember recently that Eliza was promoting an anti-Future merchandise with t-shirts that said "1-800-DEADBEAT,quot; written on the front. In addition, he published the results of a DNA test that reveals that his daughter and Cindy's son have a 99.9% chance of being siblings. Cindy filed her paternity suit against Future in October.

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