Dean Unglert gets into a serious ski accident: Caelynn Miller comes to his rescue


Dean Unglert is living anything but a normal life. From living in a van to traveling the world, Bachelorette's student is a completely different person from when viewers met him during Rachel Lindsay's season.

His adventurous ways got the best of him recently. The reality star was forced to spend vacations in a hospital due to an injury he suffered while skiing.

The accident in the Swiss Alps forced him to undergo surgery for hip dislocation and femur fracture.

He published a photo of himself in a hospital bed next to a legend that said: "All my life I have dreamed of skiing in the Swiss Alps,quot;. As you could not, they are huge and beautiful and have some of the best snow in the world. Today, however, it was not my day. I was sending a liiiiitle too strong and I took an unpleasant spill that finally put me here. and since this is probably the only photo I get in Switzerland, I thought I had to publish it. "

He continued explaining: ‘The rescue of the Swiss mountain left me speechless today. It took me about an hour to call someone for help, but once I did, I was on the air and in surgery in less than an hour. a dislocated hip and a fractured femur put 4 screws and a plaque on my leg, but things could have been much worse and for that I am extremely grateful! "

Alum Bachelor in Paradise was released five days later.

While in the hospital in Switzerland, his girlfriend Caelynn Miller came to his rescue. The two left the European country together and even uploaded a photo of her carrying her bags as she has to use crutches to walk.


Although Caelynn recently revealed that he didn't know if Dean was "the one,quot; for her, it's great to see that she is at his side during his worst moment.

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